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We're partnering up with Powerman!

By Søren Rohde on 27. april 2020 14:11:34 CEST

Topics: Nyheder Cases

We are now partnering with Powerman - the international brand for duathlon!

"We chose Adplus as our digital partner because of their expertise with digital marketing and social media. Well, and it also help that they have extensive knowledge of multi sports from doing it themselves."
John Raadschelders - President of the International Powerman Association

This partnership is very interesting, as Powerman arrange and promote duathlon races all over the world, with a range of different distances within the run-bike-run-discipline. Adplus' assignment is to consult and manage Powerman's online presence and to keep growing their brand, which also means creating content and managing their image on their social media. Visit their profiles here: Facebook | Instagram

As a Danish-based company ourselves, we're also very excited about the Powerman World Championships being held in Viborg, Denmark. Sneak peak below 😎 


Søren Rohde

Written by Søren Rohde

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